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Some of my articles are only available in German. You can read them in the German version of this website.

The Two Worlds of Machine Learning

The machine learning hype has been raging for a decade or so, but the broad application of data science is not happening. A few observations and thoughts on the reasons for the discrepancy of public presentation and real application of machine learning.

Agile, Design and Buddhism

Agile development and design thinking have become widely accepted terms. Their power, however, lies not in the words, but in applying the underlying ideas. The teachings of Buddhism coincide with many of those ideas and can help to develop an agile mindset.

What is (good) science?

My latest article has raised a discussion on philosophy and methodology of cognitive science among the reviewers and editor. I use this opportunity to continue my own pondering on what science—and especially good science—is.

What is AI?

A fundamental problem in the public discussion is the missing definition of Artificial Intelligence. In this blog series I provide possible destinctions of AI from non-AI. Whatever anybody believes AI to be, one should make the definition clear before starting any discussion on the impacts of AI.

A journalist understanding AI

Is the AI hype coming to an end? At least some journalists such as Esther Paniagua start to realize that AI is not radically changing the world.