Alex Kirsch
Independent Scientist


Active in science, pragmatic for applications.
As a freelancer I moderate between theory and practice, as well as between humans and computers.

Recent Activities

November 2021
October 2021
October 2021
September 2021
Review of a joint research effort for the European Commission.
August 2021
I am now a fulltime freelancer and therefore available for more extensive projects!
July 2021
New blog series: Goals Considered Harmful
Mai 2021
April 2021
I have been appointed as one of the chairs for the Interdisciplinary College 2022! I am looking forward to shaping this wonderful with Jutta Kretzberg, Marieke van Vugt and the organising team!
March 2021
January 2021
Together with Celmens Beckstein I contributed the Chapter on AI Search in the lately released "Handbuch der künstlichen Intelligenz".
December 2020
October 2020
Review of a joint research effort for the European Commission.
Mai 2020
Publication of a book chapter with Volker Strobel: MyPDDL: Tools for Efficiently Creating PDDL Domains and Problems
March 2020
December 2019
My paper Shakey Ever After? Questioning Tacit Assumptions in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence was published in Künstliche Intelligenz.
October 2019
I gave a presentation about the state of autonomous driving in a session on Ethics and Legislation of Autonomous Systems in Würzburg.